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AMSOIL® manufactures premium synthetic lubricants and filters for automotive, light and heavy duty truck, motorcycle, RV, off road, marine, personal watercraft, power sports and heavy equipment applications. Tested and proven over billions of miles of service, AMSOIL, INC. has been the leader in synthetic lubrication since 1972.

 Online Store  AMSOIL ProductsAMSOIL INC., The First in Synthetics®, is expanding its product line and introducing the addition of Mothers® Car Care Appearance Products. The Mothers line of products is divided up into four primary categories with additional supplemental products offered as well. Reflections®, FX, Power Products and California Gold/Mothers Original. Each unique product category helps discerning consumers decide what types of products best suit their vehicles as well as their individual outcome intentions.

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How Does MOTOR OIL Work? 

Lubricate and cool – Generally, when people talk about “motor oil,” they are talking about the oil that goes into the crankcase, a special oil reservoir, in a four-cycle engine, like the engine in your car.  Motor oil lubricates the engine of a vehicle or piece of equipment and cools a significant portion of the engine.  While the engine is at rest, the motor oil rests in the crankcase, a pan bolted to the bottom of the engine block.  When the engine starts, the oil pump feeds oil from the pan to the oil distribution system, a network of passages, tubes, grooves and holes leading to the engine bearings and other surfaces that receive a large volume of pressurized oil for lubrication.  Other parts receive oil through splash or spray.  For example, the overhead valve system receives a carefully controlled quantity of nonpressurized oil for lubrication.

 Other functions – In addition to lubricating and cooling engine parts, motor oil must allow easy engine starting, protect the engine from corrosion and oxidation, keep the engine clean, form a tight seal between piston rings and cylinder walls, and help the engine use fuel efficiently.  Diesel engines require protection against the corrosion caused by a combination of their extremely high operating temperature and acidic products introduced into the engine by diesel fuel and products of oil breakdown.  Diesel oils provide protection against corrosion through detergent-alkalinity additives, which give the oil its Total Base Number (TBN).  Oils with high TBN neutralize acids over a longer period than oils with low TBN do.  In fact, in programs of used oil analysis, used by fleets to reduce their maintenance costs, an oil’s fitness for ongoing service is determined largely by its TBN.

 Features and Benefits

Feature: Cooler operation.

Benefit: Cooler engines resist stress and wear. They last longer, perform better and require fewer repairs.

Feature: Thermal and oxidative stability – AMSOIL synthetic motor oils resist formation of sludge, varnish, acids, deposits and other degradation products.

Benefit: Engines stay clean, which helps them perform better, last longer and require fewer repairs.

Feature: Consistent viscosity in high and low temperatures.

Benefit:  Easier cold temperature starting.  Better high and low temperature protection, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs.

Feature: Superior friction reduction.

Benefit: Lower wear rate, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs.  Improves fuel economy.

Feature: Low temperature fluidity.

Benefit: Easier cold temperature starting.  Better wear protection in cold temperatures, which helps engines last longer and require fewer repairs.

Feature: Low volatility – AMSOIL synthetic motor oils don’t evaporate.

Benefit: Reduced oil consumption. Better oil flow gives better fuel economy and better wear protection.

Feature: Broad temperature range of application.

Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic motor oils work safely and protect at higher and lower temperatures than conventional oils do.

Feature: High TBN (diesel oils).

Benefit: Reduces rate of engine corrosion, which helps diesel engines last longer and require fewer repairs.  Increases oil service life, which reduces maintenance costs.

Feature: Extended service life capability.

Benefit: AMSOIL synthetic motor oils last longer than conventional oils do, which saves motorists money and reduces the environmental impact of used lubricants.

Online Product Application Guide is an interactive tool that provides you with comprehensive information for all your lubricant, air and oil filtration, spark plug, wire set, and wiper blade needs.

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