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AMSOIL® manufactures premium synthetic lubricants and filters for automotive, light and heavy duty truck, motorcycle, RV, off road, marine, personal watercraft, power sports and heavy equipment applications. Tested and proven over billions of miles of service, AMSOIL, INC. has been the leader in synthetic lubrication since 1972.

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Misinformation about AMSOIL Universal ATF
and Mercon and Mercon V Applications

Problem: AMSOIL INC. has been informed that some AMSOIL Dealers and their customers have experienced problems with their local Ford Dealership service department when bringing in the new AMSOIL Universal ATF for installation in their Ford vehicle transmission.  They have been told that:  A) You cannot put a Mercon V labeled transmission fluid in a Mercon application.  B) That you cannot put a Mercon labeled transmission fluid in a Mercon V application (this is true).  C) That you cannot put a dual usage labeled ATF product in the Mercon application or the Mercon V application.  Since the new AMSOIL Universal Transmission Fluid is labeled dual usage, recommended for both Mercon and Mercon V applications, some Ford Dealership service managers are telling their customers that if they put the AMSOIL Universal ATF product in their transmission it will void their transmission warranty.

Answer: At least one oil company’s ATF product with a Mercon V rating does not also meet Mercon performance requirements.  This has apparently caused a great deal of confusion about allowing Mercon V ATF to be back serviceable in Mercon applications. The AMSOIL Universal ATF has been formulated to meet or exceed both the Mercon and Mercon V specification, as well as G.M. Dexron III and Chrysler ATF+4.  It is fully supported through documented testing.  It is recommended for and can be used in ALL of the applications listed on the label. PERIOD.

If someone is misinformed on this issue and actually  denies a manufacturers warranty coverage because of the use of AMSOIL Universal ATF Fluid in one of the applications for which it is recommended by AMSOIL INC.,  the AMSOIL Warranty coverage would apply.  The consumers transmission would be repaired under the AMSOIL Warranty.  AMSOIL,  INC. and our insurance company will legally pursue the dealership or the manufacturer to recover our costs.  AMSOIL INC. would not make the recommendations on our label, or issue this statement, if we were not completely confident of our position on this matter.  While we cannot control what individuals say about this subject, we can and do insure that consumers can use our product with complete confidence and without risk.  


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