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Synthetic Fifth Wheel & Open Gear Compound

Synthetic Fifth Wheel & Open Gear Compound

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Synthetic Fifth Wheel & Open Gear Compound (GFW)
Stays in place and protects over a broad temperature range without flaking in low temperatures or softening in high temperatures. Excellent for fifth wheel applications, with a convenient aerosol spray application that creates less mess. Designed to resist water washout. Can also be used in open gear applications.

Package sizes include:

11.5-oz Spray Can
11.5-oz. Spray Cans (case of 6)


AMSOIL Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound (GFW) is based on proprietary technology resulting in a lubricant that does not use asphaltic materials, residual compounded oils or diluant solvents as part of the lubricant formulation.* Typical gear compounds are composed of asphaltic and residual oils cut with solvent to ease application and use. Synthetic GFW does not require solvents to assist the product in application and use, even in cold weather.

*Aerosol spray contains a solvent that evaporates quickly leaving a solvent-free film of material on treated surfaces.

AMSOIL GFW performs well in cold temperatures and won't drip off at high temperatures, reducing the need for frequent lubrication.

AMSOIL GFW provides excellent adhesion to metal surfaces in cold and hot temperatures. Tackiness allows it to stay in place in high-speed applications, even when applied to open gears or chains. Spray formulation offers quick and easy application.

AMSOIL GFW repels water, protects metal parts from rust corrosion and stays in place to protect gears from wear.

AMSOIL GFW provides a tough grease film to handle heavy loads and prevent metal parts from contacting.


  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Environmentally preferable to solvent-containing formulations
  • Protects ferrous surfaces from rust
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Forms a tacky, tenacious film
  • Heavy load-carrying and extreme-pressure performance
  • Stays pliable at cold temperatures and does not flake off

AMSOIL GFW may be applied to fifth-wheels, open gears, chains, flexible couplings, sliding surfaces of drag lines and shovels, construction equipment, dredging equipment or any application where a heavy, tenacious lubricant is required.

Performance Data
AMSOIL Synthetic 5th Wheel and Open Gear Compound meets the AGMA 14R and NLGI #1 performance specifications.

AMSOIL Synthetic 5th Wheel and Open Gear Compound is fully compatible with other fifth-wheel and open gear compounds and may be applied to surfaces previously treated with other fifth-wheel and open gear compounds.

Product Availability
AMSOIL Synthetic 5th Wheel and Open Gear Compound is available in 11.5 oz. aerosol spray cans.


Synthetic Fifth Wheel and Open Gear Compound (GFW)

NLGI Grade


AGMA Grade


Penetration, unworked


Thickener type


Water Washout ASTM D-1264 (79°C/175°F, % loss)


Rust Test ASTM D-1743


Oil Viscosity, 100° C, cSt


Dropping Point, °F









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