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AMSOIL® manufactures premium synthetic lubricants and filters for automotive, light and heavy duty truck, motorcycle, RV, off road, marine, personal watercraft, power sports and heavy equipment applications. Tested and proven over billions of miles of service, AMSOIL, INC. has been the leader in synthetic lubrication since 1972.


 Online Store  AMSOIL ProductsAMSOIL INC., The First in Synthetics®, is expanding its product line and introducing the addition of Mothers® Car Care Appearance Products. The Mothers line of products is divided up into four primary categories with additional supplemental products offered as well. Reflections®, FX, Power Products and California Gold/Mothers Original. Each unique product category helps discerning consumers decide what types of products best suit their vehicles as well as their individual outcome intentions.

Change your Oil and Filter once a year ! !


How do I become an AMSOIL Dealer?

Becoming an AMSOIL Dealer is one of the least expensive business ventures in the business world today and you’re backed by the integrity, experience and enthusiasm of a company that’s been actively training and equipping it’s dealer network for 35 years.  Amsoil dealers are the lifeblood of Amsoil, Inc., and Amsoil Inc has taken great strides to make sure dealers receive the training, materials, and equipment they need to succeed.  Depending on how serious you are about starting your own business and how much time you have to devote to it, there are 4 options you can consider when starting up.

Option 1: --- $15.00  ($22.50 Canadian)

Option 2: --- $30.00  ($35.00 Canadian)

Option 3: --- $65.00  ($95.00 Canadian)

Option 4: --- $95.00  ($140.00 Canadian)

Option 1:  Your Basic Startup Option is a 6-Month Dealer Registration for $15.00.

You’ll receive a starter pack from AMSOIL, Inc., with some basic information materials to get you started.

Option 2:  For $30.00, you get the same information and a 1-Year Dealership Registration.

Option 3:  For the more serious approach, a $65.00 Option includes a 1-Year Dealer Registration and a G700 Business Manual which contains a large binder packed with explanations and discussions regarding all the avenues Amsoil Dealers can use to sell and distribute the products, sponsor other dealers and preferred customers, and how to start up and run your business.

Option 4:  For the person who is ready to hit the floor running, the $95.00 Option includes a 1–Year Dealership Registration, the G700 Business Manual and also the G1312 Literature Pack which has over 100 examples of Amsoil product brochures, flyers, bulletins, etc that the dealer will actually use in his or her business.  Each piece is numbered so that more can be ordered by the dealer to customize the literature inventory he or she has specific to the selling plan opted by the dealer.

 If you want to print out a Dealer Registration Form, click HERE.   Fill it out, and mail it and a check in the amount of the dealership option you’d like to start.

 If you want, contact me and I can mail you the Dealer Registration materials.


Online Product Application Guide is an interactive tool that provides you with comprehensive information for all your lubricant, air and oil filtration, spark plug, wire set, and wiper blade needs.

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